Roger KRASZNAI spent several years working in sculpture, ceramics and technical architecture. Then he established his studio and workshop in Badalona (Barcelona) where everything is handmade. KRASZNAI strives to make people appreciate handmade ceramic objects and believes that working in ceramics is a captivating form of artisanship with potential to unleash creativity.

An interview on PRESIVE.

When we first came across Roger’s vases from the collection Talqual we were immediately captured by their unique shape and colorful inside, we thought they were really cool. When we were told the story behind we thought they were even cooler. So here comes the story behind the work of this young artist who designs and produces everything himself manually in his studio Krasznai Ceramics. And tonight you have the chance to see his work at our Ephemeral Exhibition at Galeria Il.lacions!

Roger, your collection “Arms&Crafts” always makes us happy, tell us a bit about it - where did you get the idea from?

The idea comes from years ago. During some vacations in Portugal I found an arm from a doll, in the sand on the beach. I decided to keep it and I saved it in a small studio that I had at home. Some time after I got the idea of using it on a mug and that’s when it started, almost involuntarily. Since then I’ve been extending the collection. To be honest I’m not trying to find some meaning nor to transmit something special. People already have too many things in their head. I guess that for me it’s a way of being accompanied in the studio, because normally I work alone. I just hope that the people who likes it smile and appreciate that it’s made with love and by hand.

What made you start working with ceramics and create your own brand?

I started of studying Technical Architecture and then ceramics and sculpture. Little by little the time that I spent on architecture decreased until I found myself with the opportunity to spend some months in Helsinki assisting Jiri Geller. When I came back I decided to focus exclusively on Krasznai.

You won “New gift product” at the Top Drawer Spring 2012 for your collection Talqual, congrats! You’ve said that you wanted to show how you can “find beauty in imperfect works”. Tell us a bit more!

This is a bit more personal. In 2010, after spending some days in Berlin, I returned with a partial face paralysis. That made me reflect about many things such as ugly-beautiful, old-young, imperfections etc. I was already thinking about those things, but since then I’ve given much more importance to the imperfect things, the ugly ones. Because they are special. Talqual comes from the old molds used for the “Arms and Crafts” collection (the “nice” collection). Being old they can’t be used due to their imperfections, deformations etc. I keep making copies from them and I leave them just as they come out from the mold, from there the name Talqual (meaning in Spanish “just as it is”). They are imperfect on the outside and have a colorful enamel inside to draw attention. Beauty comes from the inside, they say.

You work from your studio in Badalona, but do you have a favourite place to find inspiration?

Lately I’m doing quite often the journey Badalona-Vic. It’s about 45 minutes by car, in which I can concentrate on thinking without distractions, specially when returning. Though I wouldn’t call it inspiration, it’s just like letting my mind think freely about things that I can try in the studio afterwards.

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